Realsimgear 530


So after about one month of wait for the Realsimgear 530, it finally arrived in Sweden today from California. Check my unboxing here I tell you, this will be the last time I will use the First Class International mail from USPS trying to save a few bucks, not worth it.

In any case. Its a beautiful replica of the real Garmin GPS and it will be a pleasure to add it to my panel project. The best solution is to get the RealityXP GPS software addon to go with this hardware. If you unlike me use X-plane however it does support the default GPS.

Its all about the FIP

All the Flight Instrument Panels are now installed to the panel front. I will try and find some M3 black bolts and secure each instrument in the back with bricks and nuts.

its not easy to find black bolts or any type of black screws in Sweden, or any color for that matter other than the standard chrome ones. After some heavy research among the big store brands like K-Rauta, Bauhaus and Jula I have finally found one company that might carry what I am looking for, Wurth.

Yoko the yoke


I have had my Saitek yoke for many years, first the Saitek Pro yoke and in later years the Saitek Cessna yoke. In many ways it has worked beautifully, especially considering its price. My initial thought was to include it in my panel project but I have now determined to replace it with a Yoko yoke from Virtual-Fly. I have heard so much praise for this bad boy so my expectations are sky high. Keep an eye out for my unboxing video and also later an in-depth review on the Review page.

Let the game begin..

First step was to select a suitable material to work with. My pick, a 1.2 cm piece of plywood that I cut in the appropriate length of 100 cm and a height of 50 cm. I then began to imagine what instruments to use in my panel, and more importantly what instruments that are within my budget. Should I keep the Saitek gear with two radio panels and a multi panel or get rid of them and try something completely different. My pick, the latter with the exception of my Saitek FIP gauges and my trusty old Saitek Cessna yoke.

So my plan is for the panel project to include eight Flight Instrument Panels, a Saitek Cessna yoke and rudder pedals, equipment from Desktop Aviator and Flight Illusion as well as a GPS (GNS 530) from Realsimgear. Now I need to carefully determine where each instrument will fit and draw this up on to the plywood.